How you can help

Many South Africans are struggling to cope with the impact of Covid-19. But we’re not powerless to help them. Great or small, the support we volunteer is the force for good our country needs..

Donate to any of the following initiatives

About Nedbank For Good Project

Nedbank has established the Nedbank For Good Project to help South Africans securely and confidently contribute to specific causes that give direct help to communities at risk. Initially, this will include support for vulnerable men, women and children in the form of food, sanitation and warm clothing. We will also be supporting frontline healthcare workers to make sure that they have the necessary personal protective equipment and support to make sure that they remain safe and secure as the Covid-19 infection rate surges.

About Solidarity Fund

The Solidarity Fund exists to provide food relief to the most vulnerable households, contribute towards medical equipment and test kits, as well as educate people about changing their behaviour.

About BackaBusiness

The BackaBusiness movement is an opportunity for small business owners to raise emergency operational funds through crowdfunding, while backers support them on a buy now, redeem later basis.

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